Ribblehead Steam Crossing - 07/08/2022 @12pm

A chance to capture images of a Steam Train crossing the iconic Ribblehead Viaduct, which is a masterpiece of Victorian Engineering set in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.
The northbound crossing is expected at 12:30, and the southbound one at 19:00.
There are eateries nearby, or bring your own sandwiches.
Things to note:
Trains are unreliable, and can be early/late. Steam engines aren’t very reliable, so the train could be very late and diesel-hauled. You may wish to bring a chair.
Apart from a few small areas, there is no mobile signal at the viaduct or car park. It is wise to check that you are logged into your DJI (or whatever) account before leaving home, as no mobile signal means to internet.
The track is uphill northbound, so the engine is working hard with more steam/ smoke etc. Southbound the engine is likely to be idling, so little of no steam/ smoke.
Northbound, trains whistle as they approach Ribblehead station, and they can be (just) seen when passing through that station. So reasonable warning of their approach, and time to get your drone airborne and in position. Southbound, trains ‘just appear’ with no warning, so you need to have your drone in the air, in position and ready.
The viaduct itself is very scenic and a good consolation if the steam train doesn’t materialise.
Trains have a speed restriction over the viaduct, but even so are not on the viaduct for long. There are other trains, freight and modern passenger DMUs, typically two or three an hour, to practise on if you are early.
Refreshments are available at The Station Inn and at Ribblehead Station. There is also often a hot food/ ice cream van at the car park.